Why Eaton

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At Eaton, we understand that sometimes locating dependable and experienced contractors can be tough. We created the Eaton Certified Contractor Network (ECCN) to supply electrical contractors with the knowledge and tools needed to provide you with the safest and technologically advanced electrical system. When you hire a contractor that is Eaton Certified you can expect them to be exceptional in…


Eaton Certified Contractors poses excellence in educating you as homeowners on electrical safety, new technologies, and are trained thoroughly on industry leading Eaton brand products. Most products installed carry lifetime warranties!


Eaton’s Certified Contractors are professionally trained on the products and the technology behind them. This ensures that the technology is being applied correctly giving you and your family a safe electrical system.


Eaton’s Certified Contractor’s install the industry’s highest quality products. This matched with their professional training and excellence in their trade equal an installation that will protect your home and family for years to come.


Eaton Certified Contractors go through multi-tier certification courses that test their knowledge and skills in effort to provide you with the most admired contractors in the industry.