Fire Prevention

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Eaton’s arc fault circuit interrupting (AFCI) technology detects persistent low current arcing faults down to 5 amps with associated mitigation of fire hazards in the cords connected to the outlets which helps protect electrical fires.

On this page, you’ll find some helpful links that cover some of the common causes of Arc Faults, as well as links to Eaton’s AFCI product pages.

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Causes of Arc Faults: Many of the fires attributed to “faulty wiring” are caused by arc faults that standard circuit breakers and fuses cannot detect. However, there are several other possible causes of Arc Faults including:

  • Damaged wires.
  • Worn electrical insulation.
  • Cables improperly nailed or stapled.
  • Cords in contact with vibrating metal.
  • Cord deteriorated by heat.
  • Cracked or stressed electrical cords.
  • Misapplied or damaged appliances.



During Construction. 

During new construc-
tion or remodeling a
wire can be pinched,
punctured by a nail, or
stapled too tightly
against a wood stud.

Behind the Walls.

The nail from a
picture hanger or
flooring can actually
puncture insulation.


Loose Connection.

A wall plug or switch
can cause an electrical
fault if not properly
installed, or if the
connections have
become loose.


Damaged Cords

Insulation can be
damaged when furniture
is pushed up against
a cord or it becomes
caught and pinched in
a door.